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Data Strategy

Greenfield Buildout - Starting from the Beginning

I don't have a data team
What do I do?

data strategy problem

Starting from 0

Don’t make bad hiring decisions!
Bad hires cost precious time and money. Prevent starting over.

Do in 3 months what would take you a year to do internallyBuild a foundation that scales with your business. Implement the best technology, processes, and people to optimize the way your team works with data.

Hire the best team with the right strategy

Easy as


data strategy current state

Where are you?


  • Current State: People, Technology, Processes, Challenges.

technology evaluation strategy

Where do you want to go?


  • Strategy

  • ​Goals and Vision for Success.

  • Technology Evaluation.

  • Roadmap to get there.

Implement & Optimize

  • Implement the right tech and process with the right people to be successful. 

  • Start with the highest-value use cases.

  • Grow, iterate, and scale.


high-value growth data analytics
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