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Why Silver Creek Insights?

Why Silver Creek Insights?

​We simplify data exploration
to gain critical insights - improving the experience from beginning to end. 

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We design beautiful visualizations for your team to easily understand key data. We connect your data sources, streamline workflows, and modernize your cloud infrastructure with the best technology available. We put all the pieces together and are accountable for the total success of the solution - and we guarantee results. 


Assessing your current environment, goals, and vision for success, we create solutions that positively impact the business. More than technical solutions, our team helps you build a true Data-Insights culture. 


Enabled with these critical insights, your team can make better decisions, operate more efficiently, beat the competition, and better serve your clients. 


Our Specialties: data analytics, data visualization & exploration, business intelligence, integration, automating data workflows, data pipelines, ELT/ELT, data warehousing, data governance, cloud modernization, advanced analytics, AI & ML, training and enablement, data-insights culture.

Key Benefits of Working with Us

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Guaranteed Results, Faster Delivery.

We know data analytics - our team has extensive enterprise experience solving your problems.

We own the data problem - full accountability from source to data warehouse, and visualization.

Build foundational solutions that scale for ongoing optimization.

Create a true data-insights culture with easy self-serve analytics.

Remove costly data bottlenecks without having to code.
Un-Silo and trust your data - automate data workflows in a securely governed cloud infrastructure.

We partner with the best technologies - eliminate the tech sales confusion

Save on FTEs, recruiting, certifications, and training & enablement
Easy to work with - offering flexible contract terms.

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Guaranteed Results. Fixed-Fee Engagement.

We understand the best, most efficient ways to reach your data goals and we guarantee it. Working with us on a well-scoped and clearly defined project, our team will deliver guaranteed results at a set price. Take the guesswork out of the true cost of a consulting engagement, and expedite successful implementation.

Flexible Delivery. Data Team On-Demand

We're ready to work on your terms. When your staff needs extra help, we can support you on a flexible retainer-based model to strengthen your team. With this elastic approach, we can enable your data team, scaling up or down on-demand as needed.

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We're Easy to Work With

However you'd like to engage with us, we have the right team and flexible terms to make it happen. Working together, we can recommend the best ways to reach your data analytics objectives.

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Executive Strategic Leadership

It's time to start playing chess. We will work with your executive leadership team to help guide the strategic conversations, and develop an executable game plan to achieve next-level data analytics. After helping you create a roadmap to a more successful business analytics playbook - you decide how best to proceed. We will support your initiatives as needed.


Let's Team Up!

An Open Letter from SCI

We founded Silver Creek Insights (SCi) to simplify the complex world of data analytics. With vast experience serving enterprise clients, we understand the challenges that prevent companies from successfully accessing and exploring data to discover critical insights. Missing opportunities that could lead to real competitive advantages - optimizing everything from operational efficiencies to a more profitable sales team.

In a world of exponential data growth and a multiverse of silos, most companies continue to research stale information using obsolete methods. Despite investing in the latest and greatest technologies, people feel forever stuck in outdated reports, dashboards, and excel files.


Business executives and technical teams are consistently managing requests for data, which inevitably result in bottlenecks and chaos. It's frustrating, time-consuming, and costly. Advanced analytics and Data Science don’t exist - instead, it’s data waste management and analysis paralysis information overload.

Silver Creek Insights was created to change that. There are 3 keys to our success.

First, we understand the right process for ELT data pipelining and warehousing. We know how best to make your data available for analysis and exploration - at the most granular levels, near real-time. The methodologies we implement are efficient and optimized to ensure success.

Second, we know the right software to get the job done. We are consistently evaluating the top players in the industry, and we share that knowledge with our clients.

Finally, and without cliche, our people make the difference. Process and technology can be interchangeable, but the human element of the team you work with makes the ultimate difference.

We have lived in the consulting world and know how the game is played - how easy it is to make a rookie appear more senior, or estimate a project at 500 hours but end up billing for 1000. That’s aggravating and costly.

We do things differently. We work with the highest caliber in all aspects of our business. We operate with transparency and integrity, and we guarantee results and design our engagements accordingly.

We value quality, and we partner with clients who demand the same. Working together in today’s virtual world, it is essential that we are talented and accountable, aligning professionally and culturally to ensure our collective success.

Thank you for the opportunity to explore a partnership with Silver Creek Insights. We are confident our way of doing things will make a big impact on your organization, in a new and refreshing way.



Cheers to your success!

Daniel H. Pham 

CEO, Silver Creek Insights, Inc. 

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