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Unlock Your Data’s Potential 

Expert Analytics and AI Solutions

Simplify your data world, gain critical insights.



Craft a data strategy that aligns with your goals, integrating and managing data to unlock insights and boost your data's consistency, usability, and scale.



Turn data into clear visual insights and detailed reports, simplifying complex information for actionable intelligence and deeper decision-making insights.



Harness state-of-the-art AI and automation to streamline operations and sharpen decision-making, with custom solutions that propel business performance.



Choose and implement the best tech solutions effortlessly. We guide you from selection through to full-scale adoption, ensuring your team excels.



Create bespoke applications that not only enhance efficiency but also transform your data into strategic assets, enriching customer experiences and opening new revenue streams.

Your On-Demand Data Team at a Fixed Price

Guaranteed Results

We deliver solutions, not timesheets

Create Your Data Culture

Find opportunities and enable growth

Empowering Autonomy

Enabling your team to succeed independently

Comprehensive Solutions

We're with you from start to finish

Maximum Value, Minimal Cost

Remote, flexible, and efficient

Elite Recruiting Standards

Top, global talent


Silver Creek Insights (SCi) was born on Silver Creek Drive, Colorado, thanks to lifelong friends Jack and Daniel. Instead of starting a whiskey label, they built a powerhouse of expert data and AI leaders to tackle the toughest data challenges.

Frustrated by inefficient, client-ignored data consulting, Daniel, our CEO, set out to disrupt the industry. With extensive experience across various industries, he envisioned SCi as a game-changer—delivering client-focused, impactful solutions.

Our story is one of transformation. What started as a childhood friendship has evolved into a global data and AI consulting team. We believe the best people create the best results, and our exceptional team proves it daily.

Technology and processes are repeatable. The right team is the pivotal differtiator in success. At SCi, we ensure your success with data and AI, and we stand by our guaranteed results.

Your Data Team On-Demand. 
Get a Free Consultation.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Silver Creek Insights and I must say that their professionalism, experience, and ability to break down complex concepts into manageable pieces for knowledge transfer and training are second to none. Their expertise in the most current tech stacks is truly remarkable, and they have seamlessly integrated their skills with the Sigma Computing Reporting Platform, enabling our company to scale in ways we never thought possible." 

Mary Beth Ottley

VP of Information Systems, Excess Telecom

"Having Daniel as an extension of our product team was integral in the delivery and success of our Business Intelligence implementation. Daniel and his team were able to develop an intimate understanding of our niche market in a relatively short period of time and were able to provide invaluable insight, new perspectives, and innovative solutions from Day 1. His persistence and foresight made him an excellent partner, implementation liaison, and team player. His consistent demonstration of professional work ethic and open mindedness made a lasting impact at our organization / set us up for long-term success."

Ryan Curtiss, MBA

Senior Product Manager at Visa

"When I first met Daniel, I was truly impressed by him and his team. They put me at ease right away, showing readiness to partner. It wasn't empty marketing jargon—it was real, concrete, technical knowledge. They knew what they were talking about, and they were easy to work with from the very first meeting."

Chris Borte

CIO, at Strada Education Foundation

"Daniel is a rare find among BI executives. Not only does he have a natural talent for building relationships, but he understands the strategy behind a value-based sales approach and puts a great deal of heart into his craft.


In today’s world authenticity rules and Daniel is truly one of the most genuine entrepreneurs I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with."

Jay Mays

Founder of Pitch Lab

Managing Partner at Solve Sales & Mozman Consulting

"During his time at our data analytics consulting firm, I worked closely with Daniel on new client engagements. Daniel always ensured our clients' best interests were at the heart of every project. He is value-based in all interactions, and delivers with integrity to make sure his clients are successful and happy with big results."

John Vialpando

IT Manager - Programs at Nelnet

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