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Your Data SWAT Team

Improve business results with modern data analytics

​Integrate, warehouse, view on-demand reports, visualize data & more.


Get fast, guaranteed results.

Start with a free assessment and we'll prove it. 


Simplify your data world, gain critical insights


Data  Integration  |  Data Warehousing  |  Visualization  |  Business Intelligence  |  Artificial Intelligence  |   Data Culture

Silver Creek Insights is more than an analytics company, it's a completely new style of data analysis. You'll have access to your own team of data specialists, self-service analytics, and custom insights that provide a vastly superior data experience. Streamline your process, secure more revenue, operate more effectively, discover new opportunities, and better serve your clients.



We guarantee your success. 

Implement Analytics That Scale With Your Business

Optimize business results and increased revenue opportunities.


Save time and costs by automating workflows, reducing FTE requirements, and eliminating bottlenecks.


Solve the entire data problem

from sources to warehousing, visualization, and beyond.


Unify your data to easily

find critical insights and make better decisions, faster.


Create a data insights culture

with self-serve reporting and exploration - without needing IT.

Benchmark your overall value and better serve your clients.


Learn more about how we can enable your data-insights culture

Every company wants to be “data-driven”.

How are you leveraging data to be more successful? 

A closer look at our process








Traditional data exploration is boring & broken


Enjoy unbelievable
business intelligence

We simplify, automate, and deliver results
in a fraction of the time

  • Milestones and Deliverables-based outcomes.

  • We get paid when we deliver.

Guaranteed Results.
Fixed-Fee Engagement​

  • Elastic and Adaptable

  • Scale up or down as needed

  • Available when you need us, not billable when we're not

Data Team on Demand

  • It takes more than implementing technical solutions

  • Work together with our team to drive success throughout your organization

  • Effective change management strategy and immersive transformation

Create a true,
Data-Insights Culture

  • Value-Engineered for a  measurable ROI

  • Data is not a budget line item, it is your opportunity for success

  • Understand the Opportunity Cost of the Status Quo - what is your inaction costing you? 

What is this worth to you?

  • Adaptable 

  • Engage how you want: retention or deliverables based

Easy to work with, Flexible contract terms

  • Success begins with a single-use case win - and we help you get there

  • We build on your momentum, creating a strategic roadmap for your long term success with data

Become a Data Leader:
Start Small, Go Big

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People Who Like Us

Ryan Curtis.jpg

"Having Daniel as an extension of our product team was integral in the delivery and success of our Business Intelligence implementation. Daniel and his team were able to develop an intimate understanding of our niche market in a relatively short period of time and were able to provide invaluable insight, new perspectives, and innovative solutions from Day 1. His persistence and foresight made him an excellent partner, implementation liaison, and team player. His consistent demonstration of professional work ethic and open mindedness made a lasting impact at our organization / set us up for long-term success."

Ryan Curtiss, MBA
Senior Product Manager at Visa

John V.jpg

"During his time at our data analytics consulting firm, I worked closely with Daniel on new client engagements. Daniel always ensured our clients' best interests were at the heart of every project. He is value-based in all interactions, and delivers with integrity to make sure his clients are successful and happy with big results."

John Vialpando
IT Manager - Programs at Nelnet

Jay Mays.png

"Daniel is a rare find among BI executives. Not only does he have a natural talent for building relationships, but he understands the strategy behind a value-based sales approach and puts a great deal of heart into his craft.


In today’s world authenticity rules and Daniel is truly one of the most genuine entrepreneurs I’ve had the opportunity to collaborate with."

Jay Mays

Founder of Pitch Lab

Managing Partner at Solve Sales & Mozman Consulting

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.

Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

- Sun Tzu

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