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We're connecting data back to the world.

We got tired of the anonymous one size fits-all tech companies. 

We're here to humanize your data experience and simplify your life.


From Data to Universe: At Silver Creek Insights, we envision a world where data not only informs but also connects, echoing the natural patterns of the universe. We are committed to transforming and humanizing data to enhance decision-making, empower businesses, and align business growth with the universal order. We make the complex, simple.


Client Satisfaction Rate: Partnerships Built on Trust and Results


Empowering 50+ Companies to Transform Data into Decisions


Achieving an Average of 35% Increase in Operational Efficiency for Our Clients


Driving Success in Over 10 Countries Worldwide

Our Team


Founder & CEO

Daniel Pham is known for his expertise in enterprise consulting with a strong focus on the human element of business success. He is also the founder of several other ventures including AI AMPED, Vida Design, NexusLevel, and Business Mindshare.


Executive Advisor

Jack is a serial entrepreneur with significant contributions in Tanzania, impacting both social and economic sectors. He is fluent in English and Swahili, and plays a strategic advisory role at Silver Creek Insights.


Strategic Advisor

Gordon leads delivery and excellence, bringing experience from both client and consultant sides of data analytics, including roles at HubSpot and Google.


VP Technical Consulting & Team Lead

Ben, known as the Seattle Data Guy, is a leading data expert with experience in data engineering, having led teams at Facebook and his consulting firm, Acheron Analytics. He is passionate about client success and educating aspiring data entrepreneurs.


Marketing Director

Fernando leads Branding and Marketing at SCi. He has a special gift to simplify the complex, and let the world understand the impact SCi can make on their data initiatives in a simple and easy to understand way. Bilingual in English and Spanish. 


Business Strategy Advisor

Tess is the Strategic Brand and Marketing Advisor. As an expert world traveler and professional consultant, she brings a unique and valuable perspective to design and delivery. Bilingual in English and Spanish. 


Sales & Customer Success Advisor

Carlos, an expert in international sales and consulting, leads the Sales and Customer Success team at SCi. A former sales leader for Fivetran and a President's Club performer, he is dedicated to client success. He is bilingual in English and Spanish.


Analytics Engineer Consultant

Felisa is a seasoned data analyst skilled in Python, SQL, and data visualization tools. Known for uncovering compelling insights and crafting data-driven solutions, she is respected by colleagues and excels in the complex world of data analytics. Bilingual in English and Spanish.


Principal AI

Alex Wickstorm leads AI technical delivery and customer success at SCi. He is a gamechanger with a hacker mindset and always finds a way to find the right solution in the best interest of our clients.


Data Analytics Consultant

Justin is a seasoned Business Intelligence and Data Analytics Consultant with over 15 years of experience. He has excelled as a Lead Analyst and Engineer, specializing in designing and implementing comprehensive business intelligence and analytics environments from the ground up.


Executive Advisor & Leadership Coach

Sofia is an expert Executive Coach and Leadership Development expert with a remarkable background in Coaching Psychology (MSC, MBA). She has honed her expertise in the SaaS industry, specializing in leadership and organizational development. Bilingual in English and Greek.

Data Experts Across Softwares

We're software agnostic and will always choose the best software for you. 

Free Assessment

Schedule a free Data Strategy and AI Readiness Assessment and see if you qualify for 10 hours of free AI Consulting.

Silver Creek Insights



Silver Creek Insights is proud to be the key supporter of AI AMPED an Artificial Intelligence organization founded in Mexico City. AI AMPED leads community and events globally about AI advances. 


SCi Insights Podcast

We launched a podcast. Join Jack Langworthy as he has conversations with business leaders designed to humanize their work, and inspire your own.

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